Franco PILONE has a technical department for the design and drawing of moulds. It is equipped with advanced 3-D CAD/CAM systems with the possibility of processing CAM data in the principal formats (SET, IGES, VDA-FS, DXT etc.) as well as carrying out the construction of surfaces through a 3-D scanning of a supplied model.

In the case of moulds for geometrically complex prototypes that cannot be handled in any other way, resin models can be made for obtaining detailed items by casting after which the series production moulds can be made using the pair system.
There is also an area equipped for the adjustment, finishing, polishing and control of moulds. Highly qualified personnel enable Franco PILONE to build moulds for all the requirements (compression - transfer - injection mould). Moulds that are commissioned by clients who produce manufactured items for all the main European automotive companies (FIAT - PEUGEOT - RENAULT - VOLVO - MERCEDES - B.M.W. - IVECO etc).

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